Similarities of Hunger Games: The Mockingjay’s Leaders to the Leaders of Terrorists, and Countries, of Today

Before you read on in this all-sense packed commentary slash review, I want you to know, I’m just having a knack of movie hangover at present.



I’m writing not about how good the movie is, nor the book. This is about the timeliness of a revolutionary movie and the insights we can reflect on to the wars we have, and will probably have, in this lifetime.

*Knocks on wood 3 times*

It’s not what we wish for (like never) but it’s a reality we should keep our guard on.

Here are the similarities of President Alma Coin and President Coriolanus Snow to the leaders of terrorists, and countries, of today:

Manipulative. They are outstandingly persuasive liars by all means. 

How do you think ISIS was made, by truth-be-told? They are Islams and have a totally dull interpretation of their Qur’an- dull as in bombing, killing, world domination, for the name of Allah. For all they know, Allah is quite disappointed right now. Do you think all those terrorists thought of that same ‘dull’ thing altogether? They have a leader and a teacher. They were taught. They were brainwashed. In Peeta’s case, hijacked til breakdown.

Remember how Katniss found out the bombing despite the presence of children and the minefield of pods were all planned by game makers and President Coin? That bugging moment should slap us all in the face that no matter whose side we choose in war, we will always be the pawns. We won’t have the slightest idea of the lies we are being told and directions we’re being led unless we dig.


Smart & Strategic

The whole trilogy speaks of this, don’t you think? Who would want a stupid leader anyway?

Public Speaker of all time

Speech, when used wisely, can be the greatest weapon in changing how this world works.

Both presidents were great speakers. Snow spoke in a calm and assured manner while Coin, given she’s a revolutionist, had a more empowering tone- full and brave.

Mostly, successful leaders are remarkable in public speaking. And most of them were dictators. Look at Hitler, Marcos, Khan, etc. What did they all have in common? They convinced the people to rally behind them through instilling fear and driving speeches.


Absolutely selfish

That death ceremony of Snow and Coin was way scenic. It was a perfect example of how being selfish can do no person any good.

Give nationalism for instance. Leaders will always choose their side. It’s their responsibility but it’s still selfish. Why can’t we all choose peace over ego? Nationalism creates separation at any rate, however, that’s another story.

Another thing. During a raging war in this modern era, it seems like the leaders are the last from the front line. It’s raw selfishness. They can go to a war zone and choose to live so they can continue their duties, not hide under the shadow of corpses from their troops. It’s war. Nobody’s safe.

Looks at the bigger picture

Looks at the bigger picture without weighing that ‘minor’ loss of life under their leadership. That’s how Snow and Coin survived the challenge.

Of course we should all be goal-minded but that does not mean it’s alright to be immoral.

Life is a journey. Not a destination.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


This ain’t prophetic at all. This write-up is simply a call for a responsible change of perspective.

The only idea I’m implying is that these attitudes, even from an ordinary person, or ourselves, can always lead us to disaster. It may not be a war of nation against nation. It could be a war between neighbors or a war within a community.

Our leaders fight for the same old ideals and when you choose a side, consider yourself trapped to whatever values and agenda they have. Therefore, choose wisely.

In the course of war, nobody wins.


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