How Birds Lose Flight


The edge of a maple branch was almost near. All it needed was some courage, maybe assurance, to take the flight- that it’s not the ground who will catch her fragility but the wind- that she will soar, soar further.

Feathers of green, peach and gold

Eyes striking as it goes

It started hopping and tried to flap its wings

Claws dig

Quite shaky

More flapping

And then it was taking off

The wind hit it. The wind was cool just as it was warm. The challenge was blinding for a second but it got its grip. So this is how the wind blows. This is how birds transcend. This is how one rides against the current. Then it went pitch black.

Too dragged by momentum

It was falling fast

Too knocked by a bump

It was falling fast

Way too fast

Falling is a marvelous verb. Falling is unpleasant. I do not know.

It couldn’t turn around

The drop was frightening

To look back or be helpless and end right there? To look back.

It left the sight of clouds

And turned around

The ground was yet away

So it spread its wings


It was a natural

It was soaring

Bruised, but soaring

The wind is comforting now. Like some feeling only a home can give. Somewhere where it belonged was finally found. So this is how the wind blows. This is how birds transcend. This is how birds rise and never falter. This is how hopes remain. This is how choosing to live and love life can be meaningful. This is how I realize I am a bird.

No, birds never lose flight

It was meant to soar, after all







2 responses to “How Birds Lose Flight

  1. I know you can fly anywhere,
    But if it happens that you fall,
    your friends and family will be there,
    just give them a call 🙂

    $ick poêm r8?
    Merry Christmas, Ryl. Haha


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