Thoughts At Midnight

To the monkey who didn’t even try to win

In correlation to Michael Faudet’s

“I write because of you”

Here is to the moments of discouragement

when words fail to give hope…

I’m a writer of pleasure

so let me write to ease the pain

as I watch the stars

and drift away;

Let me believe how distance is relative

that faith is mastered by trust;

Let me think heavens were made to unite

a world that’s cursed and full of doubts

that there is a good soul

after all the hurt

and all the beatings

of a loving heart;

Remind me life is to be lived

and there’s at least one I can count on

because if walls could speak

my home would have grieved;

And there are days that I’m too alive

I’m an extremist

way happy

way sad

sometimes too good

some days a total ass;

But you have brightened me up

like a low-lit candle

too dim to be present

too there to ignore

and I have chosen to simply let go;

I may not have pixie dust


at least there goes trust;

But then again,

timing is a bitch;

I am sorry if you had to pick me up

at the lowest point of my journey

although I am glad you did like you did;

Sorry if I can’t be someone you can brag

who can be as much as she wanted to be

for she has weights

weights that she love and can never dare leave

weights she will rather embrace

weights that she will always choose

above any chance of redemption;

You are a love, I say

that goes beyond imperfect

love is not blind as I keep telling

I see the flaws

I see the heart

I see sunshine

I see life

I see fire

I see calm

and if there is one thing

I will ask from you:

when words fail to comfort me

when words fail to make me believe

just be there,

don’t give up,

and please,

slap me.

Save me from my stupid self.


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