To the Spectre

Good morning to love

and to the emotions it bring;

to the fears of falling,

to all mighty drastic things.

Fridays that blow your mind away,

Fridays when you’ve decided not to stay.

Cheers to the moments

where insanity is a wonderful bliss;

when freedom was at finger’s tip

and nothing mattered

other than, well, love-

of beautiful friendships

unexpected cliques

two hearts that create a dynamic ensemble

yet never meant to be played.

Here’s to the one left broken.

Here’s to the one who had to leave.

We are a love, I say

that could have been pure and forever;

but at some point

along the way

we had to happily travel on crossroads

as two separate beings

only to find ourselves mended by time.

Finally, here’s to the smiles we will always remember.



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