Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan

Here is one immortal line from Filipino legend Dr. Jose Rizal. Tested. Proven. It has lived on this long, through generations, for some legit reason.

In the Climate Reality Project Philippines branch consultation assembly last January 29, local issues from the Climate Reality Leaders of Luzon mainly emphasized how strong campaigning from the grassroots is.

“Indigenous people give so much importance to their environment for they know their lives- resources, safety and livelihood- highly depend on its condition.”

“The locals know and experience the issue yet they do not know its cause.”

“Approaching them in dialect is probably the best way.”

“Teaching the young ones pro-environment values and practices will surely radiate. It dominoes to the parents, friends and community.”

These were only some of the insights the group came up with. They may seem ordinary when read. Ponder a little deeper though and they might kick their way in strong.

I really think going grassroots means more than just digging within the community. There is nothing more grassroots than nurturing the hearts of untamed children. They are the ones who have shaped the mud, coughed from saltwater, bruised himself tripping off a stone and maybe the ones way too tan. They are the curious ones- of imagination and innovative minds.

With this, I have decided to share some photos I took of children being one with nature.






Let us let them enjoy. Let us inspire them and offer our support. Let children from cities join and get away from those gadgets. Let them breathe the air and be free. Let them jump with the waves. Let them run through the forest.

Let them experience the wonders of the Earth.

Years will pass.

They will take over after our time. They will live on in this planet that we tried our best to save (assuming we are actually doing our best to save it, right?), and take care of it. They will be the ones to continue the battle. And their childhood which we invested in will be their foundation. May it be unshakable.


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