Hello there! 🙂

Meeting new people is always an opportunity. Don’t worry, I can’t bite virtually, and I am actually veryyyyy friendly and open.

So here.

You can contact and email me if you:

  • Have question/s on my posts or articles that you don’t feel like writing in the comments
  • Just feel like saying “hi”- that will be perfectly fine
  • Have any suggestions or recommendations on the topics I’ve tackled
  • Interested for a project collaboration (which suits the things I do)
  • Personally know Alex Pettyfer
  • Are Alex Pettyfer and would like to offer me a date, please, please, don’t forget to message me and the answer is already a YES!


You can reach me thru my email address:


my Facebook Account

And do introduce yourself for some personal touch. Meh.

Love lots ♥